this is dedicated to the heart I haven’t met, 
the one that will stop me in my tracks, 
like a freight train, 
sudden impact. 
this is dedicated to a love so absolute, 
that the moon will bow for you, 
for the grace you emit will be enough to light, 
my darkest of nights. 
see I don’t need to know you to know that you are everything in this world of nonexistence. 
where I float day to day, 
but like electric resistance, 
i get shocked back to worlds of irrationality. 
where people would rather fuck feelings numb
knocking out numbers like drums
instead of trying to succumb
to the truth 
which is that in all reality 
you would rather be held like I didn’t know how to let go
like you are the only one I see
with my eyes closed
& like if trees couldn’t compare
to what I breathe, 
because you are my air
bringing life to rotting hope
but I keep you on repeat
like my favorite song
because girl your just that dope
& I’m just that hope-lessly
in love with the idea of you
so I write these words 
and purge my soul 
hoping that like art 
I can bring you to life with these strokes
of sweet nothings
writing letters to a ghost
but I promise 
when I do get the opportunity to hold you close
I will love you
like we’ll never grow old…

Day 5

you asked why I like
you, I smile different but
never admit it.

Day 4 (Mi Corazon)

Save her;

She’s wilting away

Like wounded dragons

In bed with decay

Forgetting fires burning,

In pits of regret

Help her;

She’s lost all her faith

In stars and tales of fairies,

Sprinkling hope in the hopeless

Because she no longer understands

That magic is more than stories

Don’t leave her

See she’s more than just mass

She’s life and emotions

Even if to hell they’ve been cast

Savagely hoping

To freeze them over

Please rescue her

More than a puppet on a string

Beaten by broken truths and false idols

Battered by deep eyes and ‘I knows’

"That everyone’s the same but I swear that I’mdifferent"

Like fresh linens,

But even the cleanest of sheets have records

Especially those fucking hearts over

Just love her

See she’s a part of me

And she’s bruised for me

& every mistake I’ve called


But I fought for us

Fought for love

And it’s about time

Love fought for her…

Day 3

I close my eyes
and feel the vibe of the room
vibrations boom
as strangers grind
skin against sin
as Queens flaunt cheap smiles
for even cheaper drinks
and the louder the the rythm sways
the deeper I sink
into this whirlwind 
we call doubts
collapsing under pressure
to just take you home
because the vodka in your cup
makes me the one
you think you want
and you’ve forgotten that you are more
than just a quick thrill
so you place a hand on my thigh
and tell stories with your lips
pressed against necks
sending chills
to souls unknown
How I wish I could bring you back
to a throne of your own
remind you of the grace I see 
behind those broken eyes
let my own be the reflection 
of the perfection.. you were created to be
because there’s no love in this club
and not every King is me

Day 2

Whispers bring me back
to caresses so sweet
to sheets ..dripping love
and lips wet with tears
hearts would explode
to feel you inside 
to feel your lust
holding me close
singing melodic I do’s
but they were nothing more
than shattered lies on floors
of broken promises
from perfected lips
master of your art
made me believe in forever after
but after was closer than tomorrow
where silly little girls
grew into women filled with sorrow
where innocence flew out windows
as quick as you flew 
out beds of roses
each petal pulled in wonder
did she love me
did she love me not

Day 1

To breathe is to die

each exhale

each minute passed,

is another step closer to the ledge

to the edge of the abyss

trembles at thoughts of Death’s kiss

sweetest venom from lips

bringing grown men to knee’s 

yelling to heavens, please

shelter me

But we fail to understand

this is the only thing real

But we fail to see the beauty

in the last exhale

Because when we let this flesh

and these tears & these fears die

is when we truly begin to feel alive.

So I know I’ve been off my writing groove but I have started the April Poetry challenge… I will be posting some here…others are a bit more personal.

Ok guys, I think I’m done for now, thanks for your patience.



Love is age less , it’s time less. Love is not supposed to weigh you down. Love is supposed to fill you up, bring you to life, its the warmth before the smile. Love is supposed to be beautiful, even when it hurts. Except for when it hurts …

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words are worthless


 I really have nothing to say anymore, I feel like it was all said before. With my old blog I was purging the pain out my soul. Even then words were coming up short. How to properly verbalize the emotions I was feeling, like explaining the concept of water.  How we need this to survive , to get by. Your love was my water, but it was contaminated. Bottled spring fresh when in reality it was crystal death.  It took you 3 days to decide to go back to the girl on the side. While you left me consumed in doubts , looking for reasons why. Coward is what you represent. You didn’t respect me enough to tell me the real reason, instead you wrote it out for the world. Then whenever I spilled truth, like an injured cobra you attempted to sink teeth, as if the poison was not enough. You can lie all you want & tell things to make you seem like the victim. But you & I know the truth behind the scars I walk with.

I’m at peace & hold no anger.. I wish I could say the same for you. But then again you will never be at peace until you find the truth in your lies

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She feels as if she’s drowning in still waters. Her heart is frozen in tears that have dropped below celsius, below reason. No longer does she care about anything but the wind against her skin. Only because it carries reminders that she lives. .that this is more than a nightmare. Or maybe she’s dreaming lucidly, ludicrously believing in something more than despair. Is it fair to fool a heart way past beat or is love something within reach?

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Sometimes the dragon isn’t keeping the princess locked away. . Sometimes the princess is keeping the dragon company. .

Because who could love a monster?

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she’s been to the edge before, this is familiar territory. there is where she fell over love & busted her heart. fragments stained the floor like butterfly wings, reflecting emptiness. down she fell, only no one caught her. down she fell to knees as she cried for that second wind to pick her up.

a river had started to form in the trenches her nails dug, for another chance, hoping that she had just missed the mark. yet ex stained the spot in the dirt where pieces of her fused with blood, preserving steps, as she walked away. she remembers those moments clearly as if they were just tomorrow. she looked over again as the hope spilled over the edge. making each step closer more & more dangerous.

she saw herself broken & lost.. trying to make her way home. 

 & it was in that moment she decided to step back, deciding she wasn’t even ready to dream.

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she loves no one


I want to be the woman your heart covets when surrounded by solitude.
I want to be the woman your tears lean on when they can’t keep themselves up.
I want to be the chill up your spine and the warmth in your smile.
I want to be hand that pulls you close & let my fingers trace your thoughts..
I want to swim your mind
I want to swim in you…
Your soul is absolute.
Your soul is beautiful

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the girl from afar…..


Dear girl with the eyes, those eyes.. the eyes you tried to hide from the world. Not for anything more than to keep them silent, because those eyes spoke volumes. Those eyes that whispered even behind photographs. I find myself day-dreaming as to the thoughts being conjured in the moment forever frozen in time. Were you half alive that day.. were you corroding slowly or were you brimming with childlike enthusiasm. Did you draw with the clouds & envision mythical fables coming to life or were you thinking about how the earth’s inhabitants are plummeting to their own demise. The lines along your brow were deceptive, crinkled like doubt, when they harbored mischief. You think I don’t notice you, but I do. All of you. I notice the way you pause after certain words, as if to ponder on their very existence. I notice the way you sound when you smile, or more so when trying to hide a smile. It’s as if the warmth behind your cheeks seeps through the sound waves to caress me tenderly. I noticed the way you fought a pout, but even with backs turned your despair commanded a sense of rescue. So that’s all I wanted to do.. rescue you. Many days I pictured my hands slipping in & out of yours, fingers intertwined like decade old ivy. I would hold your hand to my chest & trace the ways I loved you on the back. And when we ran back into time, I would whisper in your eyes that there would never be enough time to create the words lacked, to express how I felt about you. How I longed to feel your skin against my own, to get lost in one another. Fluid, not knowing where you began & I ended. I figured that was how it should have been. this love was not merging 2 into 1 , but 2 halves to make 1 whole. We would be complete, filling the void my soul has felt on this search to find half of find you. I was not so certain as to say you were the only fit for my puzzled life, but you knew the turns & twists of my soul & you weren’t scared. Instead you embraced & loved the scars, you understood without explanation…you knew me.. And I knew you, without knowing you. I knew the pieces you kept hidden, the pieces that you didn’t understand yourself. The world knew the facade spun up as an armor, but I knew the soul underneath it all, words were unnecessary..

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